Hormone Pellet Therapy And Treatment By Applying Creams/Gels/Patches

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Menopause can have many adverse effects on the human body. The decreased estrogen levels can cause your vagina to dry and cause painful itching.

It can also mess with your sleep routine and induce depressive behaviors.

Males affected by Andropause express frequent mood swings, dementia, Insomnia, and lower sex drive.

These problems can’t be treated by taking a different medicine for each problem. Medicines have side effects and a larger number of medicines are at the risk of being forgotten.

Some treatments require regular dosage and forgetting the dosage of the medicine can cause the treatment to lose its effectiveness.

These problems is redressed by following an alternate method of treatment by eradicating the root cause of all these disorders i.e. testosterone/estrogen decline. The method is hormone therapy.

There are many methods of administrating these sex hormones in our bodies. But here we will discuss only two of them i.e. hormone pellet therapy and by creams/gels/ patches.

Hormone Pellet Therapy


The pellets are solid cylinders of very little diameter i.e. of the size of a rice grain.

They have crystallized testosterone or estradiol for male or female patients. However, testosterone is only given to female patients in some cases.

They require a high temperature for their preparation. These high temperature ensures a prolonged and steady release of the hormones.


One-time dosage can vary according to the age of the patient and medical examination which is necessarily carried out prior to the hormone therapy.

However, the usual dosage is 150–450mg given for a time period of 4 to 6 months.

They are also available according to the need of the patient in dosages of 12.5, 25, 37.5, 50, and 75mg.

They can be inserted in any fatty area but preferably the hip.

The most commonly observed problem with the treatment is the pellet removal which was recorded in 8.5% of cases when an experimental study was conducted.



The gel method was developed in the early 2000s. It has been a much popular method since its discovery.

It is applied once a day on your skin. An example is an estrogen. It offers a much safer and favorable method for people with stomach or liver problems.

Initially, its recommended dosage is 50mg which can be increased up to 100 mg depending upon the patient’s testosterone levels which are applied on one arm i.e. from the wrist and all the way to the shoulder.

The skin patches were the first methods to be used in the case of a transdermal treatment. They were applied on the scrotal region but in 1995 the FDA approved those patches that did not require the scrotal region to be applied.

The recommended dose for starting is 4mg. It can be applied on the abdomen, arm, thigs, or back.

They are a much safer method than pellets and don’t interact with stomach or liver functions. The dosage can be decreased to 2mg for patients which show Testosterone levels higher than 93ng/dl.


Reference: NuLife Institute