Upright Stationary Bikes Vs Recumbent Stationary Bikes

So you are in the market to buy an exercise bike, and all of a sudden, you realize you have a choice to make: upright or recumbent? These are the two popular styles of stationary bikes on the market nowadays. How you decide which style is best for you will depend on a few things like budget, available space and what you find more comfortable.

Upright Bikes

These are the older generation of exercise bikes, which many people are familiar with. These bikes are typically used like a normal road bike, designed to simulate the real-world experience of riding a bike in the outdoors. For example, you could simulate the experience of climbing hills and other hurdles simply by standing up and pumping the pedals harder.

One of the drawbacks to this type of bike is the seat – it can get quite uncomfortable especially for the longer sessions. On the plus side, upright bikes tend to be smaller and take up much less space, making them a very popular indoor bike trainer. And since this is true, smaller bikes equate to less material needed to build them; that translates to an overall lower price.

Recumbent Bikes

Chances are some people may not know what a recumbent bike really is. Perhaps this is because the recumbent stationary bike is a newer type of bike to hit the marketplace. The advantage of this kind of bike is the positioning of the seat, which is more similar to a chair. With this style of stationary bike you sit lower and your legs extend out in front of you instead of underneath you. Many people prefer this as it leads to a more comfortable position while maintaining great stationary bike workouts.

They do tend to be bigger in size, bulkier by nature, and have more bells and whistles than their upright counterparts. For this reason, recumbent bikes may end up costing you more money, but the benefits just might outweigh the price.

Which Is Better?

Putting both bikes together, side by side, you can easily see the difference between them. When you consider the ride experience, the comfort levels, the size and the ease of storage, it really just comes down you how you plan on using the bike. If you are trying to simulate real world biking, then the upright is your kind of bike. However, if comfort is of greater importance, seek out the recumbent.

Always remember what your exercise goal is, and make sure to take some time out to “test drive” the bikes at your local retailer. You can do this, and then return home to come online and do any research needed before seeking out the best deal to create a healthier you.