Shake Weight Reviews – Does It Work?

Does It Really Work?

The shake weight claims that it is a revolutionary way to shape and tone your arms, shoulders and chest. The company also says that you will only need to spend 6 minutes a day on the workouts, however the real question is does it work? First of all let us take a look at what exactly the Shake Weight is and then take a look at what people are saying about it.

How Does it Work?

It works by holding a pulsating dumbbell which makes the upper body work a lot harder than with traditional weights. The dumbbell is 5.8 pounds that doesn’t use any motor or batteries, you just shake it. It comes with a DVD that will show you different exercises and the correct way to use it. The company says that only 6 minutes a day is needed and if you use it more then you are going to see even faster results.


After reading many Shake Weight reviews we found that although people didn’t get ripped they did notice a difference and that their arms were more solid. After using it for a couple of months people also did notice a difference in the shape of their arms looking more toned. Another good point is that the workout, as it is short is definitely not boring like some workouts can be. However not all products are perfect.


Not every product is perfect and they were a couple of issues with this one one. One customer noted that after 2 months of using the Shake Weight the end of the weight had broke and hit his son in the chest. When they called the customer service that were just referred back to Amazon. The other main point was that the Shake Weight does not perform like you see it on TV. Many people found it difficult to use and a few had some pain in their joints. So over all people did notice a difference in their body but it was nothing like the claims from the commercials.


From looking at many different Shake Weight reviews we found that many people did notice positive benefits from using the weight. After a couple of months you can expect to see a difference in just the solidness of your arms but they will look more toned. You just need to remember that you should not expect the same results that are on the commercials. See below for more information.