Is the Jake Tower 200 Enough to Get You Fit?

Thinking fit has been a growing trend these days. Now, you’ll see more people jogging around the parks and even at busy streets. Back then, you’ll be lucky to see two people running past you.

Deciding to get fit is a big step for anyone’s life. You not only prolong your life but also boost your self esteem because you are working on yourself. What more when you achieve your goal right?

Gyms today are spurting around. However, neophytes in the fitness regime are usually the shy types and the ones that would think “Hey they might laugh at me.” Because they can’t lift as heavy weights as other veterans can.

This is why home gyms are developed. Home gyms will give you limited options to work on, but still is a good start. It paves your way onto maybe someday, being able to step into a big gym and working out with everyone else.

Jake Tower 200 is one of those home gym equipments you can get. All you need is a door and you can ready yourself up for a workout.

The Jake Tower 200 has a total of 200 lbs of weights on all sides. The maximum for each part of your body however is 40 lbs. You not only get resistance band weights but you also get 120 types of workouts for 11 minutes.

What’s good about this is you get to work on your body differently that what most have been accustomed.

A bad thing about this product is there are cases that the band breaks after the 30 day warranty.

For beginners, this can be a good first step because you have minimal weight to start and you can progress as time goes by. The 11 minute workout is intense but if you want more out of it, better extend the 11 minutes to 20 minutes or higher.

Another thing is this product is being marketed by a famous UFC fighter. You need to be reminded that you won’t be having his body after using the product. Fighters spend years in perfecting their body. You are just starting so expect minimal result.

What you need in working out is a focused mind. Your goal is to get fit. Getting fit isn’t going to be an easy road because you not only have to contract and sweat out the fats, you also need to have a healthy intake of food.

I wish you good results in your fitness regime.