How to Choose the Most Effective Multivitamin

There may be various reasons a person would take a complete multivitamin, but they all boil down to reaping the benefits of vitamins and minerals. The hard thing to pin down is how much of what exact minerals and vitamins our body needs.

The sad truth is that most beneficiary aspects of vitamins flush right through our system. Anyone who has taken a inexpensive multivitamin can tell you that there is a noticeable color change in ones urine. This is usually an indicator that the body has been overloaded with vitamins and minerals in a short amount of time and what could not be absorbed is rejected as waste. The human body needs a constant supply of these minerals and vitamins over a longer period of time to reap the largest benefit. The first criteria of the ideal multivitamin would be a time release mechanism.

Not all vitamins and minerals are created equally. While you can compare labels, it is best to know each type of mineral and vitamin and know how your body will react to it. For example, not all Vitamin B12s are created the same. MeB12, or Methylcobalamin is a cobalamin that is retained and absorbed better than it’s cheaper cousin, Cyanocobalamin. Studies have even indicated that there are more noted benefits of Methylcobalamin over Cyanocobalamin. Cyanocobalamin is a cyanide based version of vitamin B12 that your body has to break down and convert into Methylcobalamin before it can be absorbed. Knowing the ingredients are superior in quality is the second criteria for the ideal multivitamin.

Anyone who had a perfect diet would never need to take vitamins, as the body would find all these benefits in vitamin and mineral rich foods they ate. However the food many people are eating today has diminished nutritional value. So as we try to supplement our diets with multivitamins we ask ourselves: How beneficial is my current multivitamin? Does my body really need everything on the label? Recent research has discovered an amazing health indicator that can gauge a persons health and well being, called Homocysteine. Through numerous clinical trials and a great deal of research there is now a list of ingredients that addresses homocysteine directly. This formulation of ingredients have shown to have the largest impact on a persons sense of physical, mental, and emotional well being. Correct formulation of vitamins and minerals is the next criteria of the ideal multivitamin.