If you are a representative of African race then you know not by hearsay what ashy skin is. There are a lot of difficult terms which are used to denote this condition of skin, such as xerosis, dehydrated disorder, asteatosis, but in other words it is just extremely dry skin. It is connected with whitish coloring, which reminds ashes of something which was burnt. It usually appears on a skin with dark pigmentation, but people, which have other tones can come across this problem too. For example skin of Caucasian and Asian people can look even paler as if it has chalk on it. It is caused by dead cells on the surface. But the problem is that they are more noticeable on dark skin. Some specialists say that it is also exposed to exfoliation more than other tones.

Ashy skin is not a very serious problem but it can cause inconvenience. Nobody wants to have flakes of dead skin which can be usually found on elbows, heels, knees and arms. It looks unhealthy, pale and it often remains on your clothes.

Why does ashy skin appear?

When the dead cells exfoliate from your skin, then new cells are produced. They appear on the top layer of skin which is called stratum corneum. New cells push off old cells. As a consequence old cells are stored and then they form a crust which serves as a barrier which doesn’t allow to moisturize the skin. In addition to this, natural exfoliation process is broken and the skin looks dull.

This problem can appear when the skin is dehydrated. When there is not enough water in it then it is unable to keep the skin soothe and tender. It can happen when the climate is dry and the weather is cold (especially in winter time) which makes the skin dry and rough.

Ashy skin treatment

There are two main factors that should be considered when you chose cosmetic products for ashy skin. They should be mild and moisturizing.

Cosmetic products that should be avoided are those which contain alcohol, because it dries your skin even more and harsh scrubs. As a result you must choose mild products.

As for cleansers you should chose mild ones also, because those which are based on soap can dry your skin by removing lipid layer.

We would advise you to use cosmetic products which contain lactic acid, as for example Amlactin, which will moisturize and peel your skin at the same time and also, will improve your skin structure.

In order to smooth the skin you might need the prescription of salicylic acid which is a rather strong component in struggle with ashy skin.

How to get rid of ashy skin?

It is dangerous to take very hot showers and baths because they remove natural oil from your skin. So it is better to take warm bath. Soaking for a long time in water should be avoided, especially in winter.

As for the choice of cleanser you should take moisturizing and fragrance- free body wash.

Exfoliation of skin should be made two times a week with the help of mild cleanser. Regular peeling will help to maintain your skin clean.

After bath or shower you should wipe your skin with a towel and not to forget to apply moisturizer on wet skin.

Changing of temperature can provoke ashy skin. During winter months moisturizing cream should be applied systematically especially if the climate of your country is dry.

Combined skin

In case if your skin is oily and nevertheless you have ashy spots on it then peeling should be used three times a week to remove dead cells from the top layer of skin. In order to cure it, light moisturizers should be applied.

Facial cream should contain glycerin that infest the skin and doesn’t block the pores. But you should remember that there is no need in excessive moisturizing because it will make the skin even oilier. If all these tips still don`t help you and your skin is still irritated and is itching then you should see your doctor to be sure that you don’t have allergy or such diseases as eczema or psoriasis.