Best Hair Loss Vitamin, How To Choose The Right Ingredients

Today, many hair loss vitamins are sold on the internet, in health food stores and elsewhere. If you are a man experiencing hair loss or a woman experiencing thinning hair, you want to choose the best hair loss vitamin. You want something that is safe. You also want something that is strong. No one wants to trade hair for nasty side effects, so you need to be aware of those issues too. But how does someone decide which hair vitamin works best? The good news is that there are a set of simple, straightforward things you can look for. We’ll go through some of the most important things in this article.

First thing, there is no single “vitamin” that treats common pattern hair loss. There are good ingredients, and useful combinations of ingredients. But there is no magic bullet. So let’s go through a selection of substances and explore why they belong at the top of your hair growth vitamin shopping list.

Saw Palmetto Extract: Not saw palmetto powder. Not saw palmetto dust. But saw palmetto extract, and preferably 85% to 95% liposterolic. This material is also called LSESr (liposterolic extract of serenoa repens). Here’s why this stuff is so great. In Europe, one of the most widely tested natural drugs for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) is saw palmetto extract. The substance was found to alleviate BPH symptoms in numerous placebo-controlled double blind studies. Okay, it works against BPH. So what? So what is that BPH is mediated by precisely the same metabolic cascade as AGA (androgenetic alopecia) commonly called pattern hair loss. If it works against BPH it has a good shot at working against pattern hair loss. In fact, very few single substances have proven to work better. To stack the deck in your favor look for vitamins that contain a daily dosage of at least 320 mg of 85% LSESr.

Betasitosterol: One of the most potent molecules found in saw palmetto extract, betasitosterol is highly effective in its own right. Sourced from African Star Grass and other natural substrate, betasitosterol is a wonderful material that has numerous benefits across a spectrum of health related maladies. Here, look for supplements that contain at least 30 mg of betasitosterol.

Carnitine: Pattern hair loss is strongly linked to cellular inflammation. Pathologic inflammation occurs in the affected hair follicle and damages key components that are highly important in creating and recreating viable scalp hair. Carnitine has been successfully used to reduce negative effects of cellular inflammation in a number of rapidly proliferating organ structures including the cardiac muscle and brain. There is no more rapidly proliferating organ structure in the human body than scalp hair. This is why hair grows at a rate of 1/2″ per month. Nothing else in our bodies (at least healthy tissue) grows at such an accelerated rate. Look for supplements containing 75 mg to 100 mg. of this crucial reagent.

R-Lipoic Acid: In studies where carnitine has proven most efficacious, it has been paired with R-Lipoic acid. Such research was conducted by Bruce Ames et al and other anti-aging investigators. In selecting for the best hair growth vitamin composition, look for formulas containing at least 10 mg of R-Lipoic acid per day.

Resveratrol & Berberine: Two strong scavengers of ROS (reactive oxygen species), like carnitine and lipoic acid, resveratrol and berberine have been shown to work well together. Look for hair vitamin compositions that contain at least 5 mg of resveratrol and 15 mg of berberine per daily dose.

What else should one look for?

Drug delivery methodology. Not “drugs” per se. But drug delivery. What’s the difference? A pharmaceutical drug is a synthetic molecule that is “man made” and often linked to negative side effects. Advanced drug delivery systems can be used to deploy both pharmaceutically-based and naturally-derived compositions efficiently to the target tissue. Because the hair follicle is buried several millimeters below the skin surface, it is helpful to incorporate an effective means of getting the active composition where it needs to go. So it can also be in one’s best interest to look for treatment compositions that avail themselves of 21st Century drug delivery technology in enhancing the uptake of their active composition.

Proof: Look for hair loss vitamins that have proven published research. This research should be found on