How To Treat Eye Floaters With Simple Lifestyle Changes

If you are unlucky enough to suffer with eye floaters, you will not need anyone to tell you just how irritating they can be. Not only are they aggravating, they can also be a great hindrance to driving or when carrying out any work that requires a great deal of visual accuracy. Regrettably, the normal type of medication is not too useful when used as eye floaters treatment.

Of course, surgery is one option, but knowing how risky the procedures can be, that may not seem a viable choice for many sufferers. What is not common knowledge however is that it is possible to cure eye floaters without resorting to surgery or other risky treatments. The idea is to follow a holistic approach to treating the condition, addressing the root cause, and altering lifestyle and nutrition accordingly. So just what are the links between eye floaters and lifestyle, and how can straightforward lifestyle changes improve the problem.

Firstly, do you smoke? If so, then stop now. You should already be fully aware of the dangerous consequences of smoking, but one effect that may be new to many is that smoking can not only aggravate them, but can also be responsible for triggering the condition initially. Cigarettes are full of harmful chemicals that reduce the essential nutrients of the body when inhaled, and the chemicals present in smoke, such as free radicals, can also be harmful to the eyes, even causing the development of floaters. Smoking must be stopped if you are serious about curing eye floaters.

In much the same way, too much alcohol is also harmful. Excessive drinking can cause the vitreous humour, the gel-like material in the eye, to become old prematurely, triggering the appearance of eye floaters. Dehydration is another effect of alcohol, which can also have a profound impact.

In fact, dehydration alone is an important factor in the condition. It is essential that enough water is drunk- a minimum of 2 litres a day for a woman and at least 3 litres daily for men. The reason for this is that the vitreous humour itself is 98% water and it can shrink or lose shape if constant dehydration occurs. This will lead to the appearance of floaters because the proteins present in the solution, do not remain dissolved and solidify.

Handling stress and anxiety is also a vital ingredient in this method of treating eye floaters. It has been established that anxiety will worsen the condition, and will seriously hinder attempts to cure them. Stress and anxiety can be managed by using relaxation techniques and herbal treatments.

Another important part of the holistic approach is to ensure ample, quality sleep, including the adoption of appropriate sleeping positions. This will stop pressure on the eyes and any tightness forming in the neck and back.

So as you can see, it is possible to treat and cure eye floaters naturally.