Perfume for Men – How to Choose a Cologne Fit for You

Every man needs a special scent in this era. Everything we wear is marked by a different scent which remains for a long time and impresses the people we meet. It might seem like a weird thing to say, but it’s real. You would be surprised to know how many compliments a man can get when they eliminate beer or other type of spray deodorants from their life.


Colognes are made of three different types of notes (top, middle and base). These type of scents interact and combine together in order to create the final scene that you smell. Lots of perfume houses keep their recipes secret and don’t divulge the composition of their fragrances, but you can be sure of the fact that they all contain layered scents.

The top notes

These are the first kicks that the scent will transmit. In most cases, these are bold scents that have a hint of ethanol. In describing these, lots of adjectives come to mind, like ‘citrusy’ ‘fresh’ or ‘crisp.’ But it is important to remember that these top notes don’t last a long time, but they leave room to the middle ones.

The middle notes

The floral and soft notes are quite common in this case because they are meant to diminish the impact of the ethanol. These middle notes don’t normally last more than half an hour.

The base notes

Finally, the base notes are the ones which last the most with a fragrance. These are not harsh, but they do last the most, being subtle and nice. The first base notes emerge around 30 minutes-1 hour after they are applied and they remain until you change or shower.

These are the notes that create the story of colognes. Does your cologne begin with a fresh citrus smell and then releases smoky wood-like notes? Or maybe it begins with lavender that slowly turns into vanilla. These complex notes might create awareness just for trained people, but understanding the basis of these notes might help you make the difference between a great cologne and a regular one.

Selecting a scent

When you choose a scent you first have to think about your age and personal style. You should check a few scents and then select the one that you like the most. It doesn’t hurt to go out, smell various colognes and take notes of the first impressions you get, and then come back on a different day. Your sense of smell can be deceived when trying all these perfume,s so taking a break will help you distinguish scents better.

When you have discovered the scent that you like the most make sure you test it on your skin. This step is very important because colognes change when they interact with the skin, with the body heat, etc. This means that each cologne will smell different when you will be wearing it on various occasions.

Choose your cologne wisely and you will notice the difference when someone gives you a compliment!