Important Facts About Acrylic Nail Powder

Acrylic powder is a kind of substance that is used to make acrylic nail. It is often mixed with a special liquid element that makes it harder. The price of this product is less expensive and it is commonly used by the beauty professionals of the salons. Plus, the acrylic nail powder can offer temporary protection to the nails and improve their appearance. This article will highlight a few important facts about this type of product.


The key ingredient used in the product is polyethylmethylmethacrylate, which is also known as PMMA. PMMA is a mixture of two types of monomers called methyl methacrylate as well as ethyl methacrylate. It contains different kinds of substances such as benozophenone-1, benzoyl peroxide and so on. In order to meet diverse requirements of the customers, the manufacturers of this powder also add extra pigments and other ingredients.

For better results, the professionals blend acrylic powder along with monomer liquid that contains additional ingredients that help in combining the molecules, prevent damage and help in spreading of the liquid on the nails. During this procedure, the benzoyl peroxide acts a catalyst thereby allowing the liquid monomer in creating net like links between powder particles. It results in the formation of hardened resin.

Application Process

The professionals use acrylic nail powder as well as liquid monomer along with a thin brush that is meant for nail decoration. This type of product is applied from the base of the nail to the top or it can be moved from the center to outward direction. Plus the professionals who use acrylic nails should understand the exact amount of powder that can be applied and they should also check that the product is not wasted.

The use of this product is the best option for the people who have to spend a lot of money as well as time in order to visit the salon. Many people feel that the application of powder is a convenient option for them because when their nails grow, they can fill the gaps that are often created at the bottom of the nails with an additional amount of acrylic powder. Instead of worrying about the appointment with professionals they can also take care of the responsibility of cleaning the nails and keeping them in good condition.

Removal Process

In order to remove resin that is formed due to mixture of acrylic powder and liquid monomer, people should soak their nails or even wrap them in solvents. This entire removal procedure takes at least twenty minutes and they can also file these nails beforehand in order to accelerate the entire procedure. In order to avoid their skin from becoming dry, they can use petroleum jelly around these nails during the removal process.

How Do You Buy these Products?

This product is available in the departmental stores that sell different types of cosmetic or beauty products. Some people also want to buy these products from the sellers who sell products at reasonable rates via online mode.