Yoga As an Exercise Routine at Home

As you start to transform your spare room into your own personal gym, you balk at the potential costs of stocking up on weights and other bodybuilding equipment. It is reasonable for you to question the investment into this as opposed to just going back to the regular gym.

But, one thing to realize is that you may actually not need any equipment to work out with at home.

Now, I may be speaking to only the ladies as I know there are a lot of you men out there that are determined to build muscle and add bulk and mass to your physique.

It may be my take on Western culture, or it may very well be what Western culture’s stance on fitness, but I do feel as though our society puts a high priority on shredding muscle-fibers, grunting in pain from deadlifts and heavy squats as the preferred exercise routine. Pretty much everything coming from the outside in order to look good.

I don’t know about you, but this just seems really disconnected to me. There’s so much going on inside our bodies that it would benefit for us to focus on that starting point.

There seems to be somewhat of a disconnect when we only lift weights to concentrate on the exterior, while there are all of our organs breathing with life on the interior. Somehow, there should be a type of fitness that unites both together as one whole body (as we all have one body in this lifetime).

That is why I really do recommend that you consider yoga as a great method of physical fitness in your home gym. I find that yoga requires no lifting equipment, no cross-trainer shoes, and nothing else but me on a yoga mat in front of my TV.

I love yoga because my breathing in and out of my lungs affects the ability for me to do easy and difficult poses alike. It makes a world of a difference in helping me stretch out the muscles I had no idea I had. The focus that yoga requires in the mind and organs gives way to such an opportunity for strength-building in the rest of the body.

What is also nice is that I happen to live in an apartment where there is ample natural daylight coming in from the porch, and I have plenty of hardwood floor space as well. But, even if I lived in a shoebox of an apartment in San Francisco, I could still manage to do my stretching poses, because I never have to leave the perimeter of my yoga mat. Never.

When you are lifting weights, you are exercising and adding stress the exact same spot in your muscles. But, when you are doing yoga, you are drawing energy to and from various areas at the same time. So much more sweat exits your body here than if you used the machines, and the more sweat the exits, the more toxins that are carried out.