Is sexual discomfit somehow linked to menopause? If so, then how can we deal with it?

Menopause is something that can have a considerable effect on a lot of your activities in life. it can make you feel sad and happy without you noticing it as the mood swings are a gift of it. linked to menopause are several other symptoms such as night sweats, sleeplessness, laziness, a feeling of discomfort during sexual activity, and a lot of other things that have an impact on each person differently.

Fortunately, there are ways in which all of these symptoms could be treated well and your discomfort could be gone in no time. One major symptom of menopause is the discomfort or disliking of the sexual appeal. This can make you frustrated and can easily offend your partner as well.

The best thing to do is to save your relationship by discussing the matter, telling the other person what you are going through and what you might do with some time and some treatment. Things get easier when we talk about them especially in the matter of relationships.

All these symptoms occur only because of the imbalance of the hormones in the body and it settles with time.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can deal with these signs of discomfort for sex easily. In the passage below, we would be discussing those tips that would help you find a solution to all your problems with ease.

  • Get the hormonal treatment done

If the above-mentioned solutions are not working well for you, then you can always go for hormone replacement therapy to get the imbalanced hormones balanced and to treat all these symptoms well.

  • Use vaginal lubricants

One best thing to do to avoid dryness in your vagina is to make use of the lubricants. These lubricants must be prescribed ones and they should be used with care. Those that are water-soluble are the most suitable ones because oil-based lubricants can increase irritation. Make sure you use the lubricants that are formulated especially for the vagina, rather than those that are used for moisturizing hands and body.

  • Use vaginal moisturizers

These can also be used for providing moisture to the vagina so that it feels soft and the dryness is gone. Compared to vaginal lubricants, these are a better option and can be used effectively.

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