Diuretic Diet Plans For PMS – Perfect Diet to Prevent PMS

This article is all about the Diuretic Diet Plans for PMS. Today, it is now the perfect diet to prevent PMS. We will tell you what foods you can eat when under this plan to achieve optimum health. In the end, it is the aim of this article to share with you this useful information, which you can also share with your loved ones.

If you have kidney, or liver problems or you know someone with these disorders, it will be helpful if you can tell them about the Diuretic Diet Plans for PMS. Aside from these people, this program can also help those with cardiovascular diseases such as those suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure because oftentimes, physicians advise them to take diuretic drugs. They should only purchase these drugs with the doctor’s prescription. Contrary to a popular belief, these drugs do not help us melt or eliminate our body fat. They do not work the same thing as dietary products work that can help us melt away those fats to become sexy and beautiful. Instead, they help our body release blood fluid for us to be healthy.

Common natural diuretics include those popular herbs and foods that must be included in our everyday meal to strengthen our body’s fluid retention ability. Once more, we should bear in mind that these foods, herbs, and drugs should come with doctor’s prescription. They should not last for more than few days because they may cause flushed-out of those vital nutrients and minerals from our body. Hence, the best thing to do is still to combine exercise with a sensible diet and not to depend on any drugs or medicines.

Below is the list of foods that you can have under the Diuretic Diet Plans for PMS:

1. Melon

2. Parsley

3. Dandelion

4. Celery seed and plant

5. Asparagus

6. Artichoke

7. Juniper berries

8. Watercress

9. Coke soft drinks

10. Tea

11. Coffee

12. Excessive animal-based protein