What Is The Problem With Quick Weight Loss Anyways?

Take two women, both a little overweight. Donna, a nicely shaped woman is about twenty pounds overweight and is in her mid to late twenties. Sheila, on the other hand, needs to shed about fifteen pounds and is about ten to fifteen years older. Both women find diets that promise quick weight loss. Both are fairly similar, but will they both get the same kind of results if they follow everything set out by the plan exactly? The answer is no and even if they do have their own individual successes to deal with, they may not be as happy as they would like to be. There are a number of reasons why.

First, even if both Donna and Sheila followed the exact same quick weight loss plan, they would have lost weight at different rates simply because of their age and the amount of weight they needed to lose. For Donna, weight loss might have been faster because she is younger, but that is not always the case. For the quick weight loss plan that they have chosen to work the same for both women, they would have to be burning calories at the exact same rate.

Second, if they both did lose weight quickly, neither of them might be happy with those results. The faster your body loses weight, the more things that can go wrong. When you lose weight slowly and steadily, your body monitors internally as well as keeping the skin toned and tightened up.

On the other hand, when you have quick weight loss, your body will not have a chance to do any of these things and problems such as sagging skin and droopy looking body parts can be the result. And, it is even worse when you accomplish losing weight quickly as the result of strict calorie control alone and do not include exercise. As you exercise, you tighten and tone the muscles giving definition to the areas of your body that you are working on. Without exercise, this muscular definition is not seen and you end up with flabby, flat looking limbs and a mushy middle.

Quick weight loss is also associated with illness and injury so when people see you one week at one weight and then the following week you have lost ten to fifteen pounds, sure, they are jealous but they are also wondering in the back of their mind if there is something wrong you.