Weight Loss Foods: Do They Really Exist?

The experts tell you to eat the weight loss foods that require more energy to digest than the calories they contain. These foods are called negative calorie foods and while they may not be as miraculous as all that, they do exist.

There is food that can rev up the metabolism as well. Incorporating at least a few of these foods in the diet might make weight loss easier and more importantly, more enjoyable. After all, you don’t have to live on rice cakes and flavorless broths to lose weight, who knew that some of your current favorites might be actual weight loss foods?

Peppers and some spices can make some of your favorite recipes into fat busting food. For instance, you can use salsa in an egg white omelet- the peppers will provide the heat that gets your metabolism in gear, the eggs have protein, another important part of the weight loss foods and if you add in some veggies and sprinkle with a little cheese, you have increased the dishes nutrition and fat fighting capabilities.

If you have the time, make your own salsa so that you control the ingredients and keep it as fresh as possible. There are dozens of ways to make delicious salsa- but remember it is the peppers in most salsas that make it into one of the best fat loss foods. For a fruity twist make a salsa with pineapple and others. Pineapples are good was weight loss foods because they contain bromelain which helps with digestion.

Many of the foods you should include will be high in protein but that is not to suggest that you should eat an exceptionally high protein diet. Protein is important for a number of reasons, but it should not be the only focus of the diet. Good examples of healthy proteins include foods from both the animal and plant world.

Why is protein one of the best fat loss foods? First, it is filling with only a small amount of calories. Second, protein is harder for the body to digest so it actually burns calories when you eat it. Third, protein is used by the body to create lean muscle mass as well as a number of other vital functions.

Even weight loss foods can be high in calories and should be eaten in moderation. For instance, avocado which is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, is a good food to include in the diet but is high in calories. Even if they are good for you, you have to make good choices and keep to the right serving size or you lose all of the benefits.