Fast Weight Loss Diet Plans That Work

There so many weight loss diet plans out there today, that it can be difficult to decide which diet to go on and get the results hoped for. There is no time to waste trying to find a diet that will work, especially when one wants to lose weight fast. Here are some brief descriptions of weight loss diet plans that are guaranteed to take the weight off when followed correctly.

The Juice Diet

The juice diet (also known as a juice fast), is one of the quickest and safest ways to lose weight. The diet requires that only fresh fruit and vegetable juices are consumed for a period of at least 7 days. However, if it gets too hard after a day or so, then the diet should be stopped immediately.

At least a week prior to starting the juice diet, certain foods such as sugar, animal products, fast and fried foods, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol should be eliminated or at least reduced. Doing so will not only begin the weight loss process, but it will also make it easier on the body during the juice fast.

After the fast is over, it is very important that only small meals are consumed, and that junk foods and animal proteins are avoided as much as possible, because some of the weight that was lost may come back.

The Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is a healthy diet that can be made a permanent part of any lifestyle. The diet requires that at least 75% of the foods are eaten raw, and that all fast, processed and fried foods be avoided as much as possible. Animal proteins are also not encouraged on this diet, but it is up to each individual to decide what they eat for the remainder 25% of the diet.

The diet is high in vital nutrients, fiber, and low in calories, which makes it an ideal diet for fast weight loss. The fiber helps to clean out the digestive tract, which in turn increases the metabolism and helps the bowels to function normal again. This is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to lose weight fast and efficiently.

The Fruitarian Diet

The fruitarian diet is a temporary diet that can help in weight loss by cleaning out the body of harmful toxins and fat cells. The diet requires that fresh fruit is consumed for about 75% of the diet, and for the remainder of the diet, one can include vegetables and grains.

The Green Smoothie Diet

The green smoothie diet involves drinking lots of green smoothies, particularly for breakfast, as well as throughout the day as snacks or along with meals. The diet requires that at least 1 quart of green smoothies is consumed each day along with other healthy foods.

The smoothies are made from ground nuts and seeds, fruits and lots of green vegetables to give them a rich green color. These smoothies may not be suitable for those who are not used to consuming lots of greens, as they can be bitter. However, more fruit can be added to make them sweeter and more appealing to the taste buds.