You will agree that sometimes we feel that our face is not cleaned as thoroughly as it should be even after we took a shower and used special face wash. Sometimes we even notice that out pores look dirty and the skin looks not fresh.

Cleaning your face properly it is not that easy as it may seem to be. 30 seconds of massaging and foaming the face is not enough. There are some tips that will help you to use your cleanser correctly and some additional information to make the best of things.

When you use just your face cleanser to remove makeup from your face it can`t clean it all and it seems that you still have your eyeliner on the face. The best and the most comfortable way to get rid of all the makeup from your face, is to use a liquid makeup remover applied on a cotton pad. This process should be done consecutively. You should start cleaning from the top of your eyelids then move toy lashes and after it to wipe the skin under the eyes.

How to choose the right cleanser according to your type of skin: To receive necessary effect you must clean your face during a minute. If you have oily or combined skin types then cleaning gel which forms bubbles will suit you best. If you have normal or dry skin then creamy cleanser should be used. We strongly recommend you to use a wash cloth that will help to get rid of dead cells. If you like experiments then you can try cleansing oil. It may seem strange but it effectively removes oil from your skin.

Peeling is the best way to make your face clean. If you want to have tender and soothe skin then you must peel it time after time. You should use it after or during the shower after you have cleaned your face. The most effective peeling is the one that contains AHA’s which helps to remove dead cells equally.

Do you use toner? Toners are used rarely because they suit not to everyone especially for those who have normal skin. But in case that you have oily skin then toner is a perfect choice for you. It effectively removes oil from your skin and makes your face less shining before application of makeup. You must apply the toner on a cotton pad and wipe your skin. Pay special attention to the area near the nose because it is exposed to oiliness and it is the most visible.

Don`t go to sleep with dirty face. During a day you wear makeup which collects dust and we sure that you don`t want to fall asleep with all this dirt blocked pores on your face. If you did so then morning cleansing should much longer and more difficult. If you have no time to clean your face properly before going to bed then you should use facial cleanser pad.