The Best Summer Exercises for Pregnancy

As we have the option to plan our pregnancy, it is not surprising if one chooses on seasons. Unless one loves winters ardently, summer months give options for a lot of activities unlike the winter months which are very essential for pregnant women. If we can take a little care of chilling up ourselves, summer pregnancies are much recommended. The bright months are a good source of vitamin D which is very essential to absorb calcium vital in pregnancy for the framing up of the baby’s bony structure. Additionally, there is a plethora of exercising options available in these months when we are closer to the sun.

The longer days and their vibrancy keep the seasonal affective disorders (SADs) away and enhance the mood as well. It is surprising to know that a pregnant woman additionally needs some 200 to 800 extra calories in the varying trimesters unlike the general perception where pregnant women are forced to eat leading to riskier delivery due to big baby. Summer months give options on munching with proper exercising. Good time for a baby moon as well which can be a good activity as well as a fun trip. But be wary of choosing on the right place as it should not exhaust you and your baby. Let us have some reliable information on the kind of activities or the best exercises exclusively chosen for women in pregnancy.

Swimming: The waves gently dipping you and your baby in sheer joy, swimming can be the best exercise for pregnant women in summers. It simultaneously beats the heat and takes off the distressing pressure on the sciatic nerve giving relief to the core. Early mornings and cool evenings are the best times for the activity to get rid of summer tanning while swimming.

Walking: Beach side or in the grassy woods, walking with your partner’s hand in hand is going to give you the sense of security and gets you the valuable time to spend with him before you are going to have your baby. It may be little difficult to take out some time for both of you after your little one arrives. This can be considered as one of the best exercises while your baby somersaults in your womb.

Yoga: Do not confine yourself in a closed room or a hall. Feel the greenery while you are in the session where you get ample oxygen supply with a tilted blood flow to the essential parts of your body due to a yoga posture. Get a tutor specialized in training women with baby bumps and find fellow pregnant women to accompany you while you do yoga. It is fun with exercise in the lap of nature.

Hiking: Explore country ways and gentle hills with pleasant breeze while your baby snuggles inside your bump. It is fun to be with a good friend or your partner. Find pleasant evenings to do this activity.

It is suggested to avoid sports with physical impact or which can take up your heart rate to 140 beats per minute. Cycling is to be avoided in the second and third trimesters as it has a risk of fall. Stretching may be good but over stretching is considered risky during pregnancy. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid exposure to sun in the afternoons. A heart rate monitor is good to wear all through. If you witness dizziness or lightheadedness, pain or muscular cramps or if you are out of breath, stop working out right away and take rest. Visit a doctor if you feel necessary. After all, your body speaks to you and you will have to listen to it carefully!