Increase Your Penis Size in Weeks – Find Out How Here

The average penis length is 6 inches and the average girth is 4.9 inches. If you are below this average, there is probably a strong desire to improve your penis size. Enhancing size will result in greater confidence and maybe in some cases allow you to get rid of insecurities that come with having a small penis.

To go about enlarging your manhood size however, you need to seriously analyze the choices that you have. There is a lot of hype about penis enlargement when in reality a lot of the methods to elongate your penis length are exaggerated.

Pills and pumps used to lengthen and widen your penis are just temporary and last only a few hours, most of them just minutes. Pumps will boost your size, but only for minutes. Both these methods are very expensive to get a larger penis and you will need to depend on them for everyday of your life.

There is however one method available to permanently add to penis length and girth and it is by exercises. Exercises work over 6-8 weeks to give you at least a one inch gain. They work by expanding the penis chambers that hold blood. These chambers in your manhood become full with blood when you start to experience an erection. The size of the penis depends on how much blood these chambers can hold.

Specialized exercises or jelqing techniques called jelqs will gently massage the penis chambers in such a way that they expand in size. It is an all natural process to make your penis longer and wider. They take a few weeks because adequate time is needed for the chambers to rebuild to a bigger size. It is somewhat similar to when you work out at the gym. You stimulate growth in your muscles but then you need to give it some rest to allow it to grow.

A good penis exercise program will only take up about 6-8 minutes of your day, 5 days a week for about 6-8 weeks. There will be no need to exercise the penis beyond this period and the gains that you get in size will remain for life. It is advisable that you follow a good exercise schedule that will show you step by step video instructions along with all the safety precautions that you should take. Such programs can be purchased for a small fee which are very cheap in comparison to spending on pills and pumps that are downright useless.