How to Increase Your Penis Size With 1 Simple Exercise – The Ladies Will Love You For It!

Various different methods exist that can help you enlarge the size of your penis. However so many different methods exist that can be difficult in choosing the right method for you. This is why it is very important to review your options and review the advantages and disadvantages that each product offers in order to choose a product that is most suitable for you. Living with a small penis can be a very burdensome task because each time you wake up and encounter the opposite sex you get a feeling deep down in your gut that you are unable to satisfy the woman you are with.

This can cause plenty of anxiety because you are settling for less than what you are truly capable and this issue is affecting your confidence in all levels of your life. Since sex is very natural and you need in order to stay happy and healthy you are actually doing yourself a favor by trying to figure out the best method to getting a larger penis because you will be a great lover in the bedroom and the ladies will call you up begging for more. In this article I will reveal one exercise that you can start to use to begin to see gains in your penis size.

You can begin to see gains in your penis size by using very simple yet effective penis enlargement exercises. The exercise I will be revealing to you today is called the jelq. This is a little-known exercise but it has been around for hundreds of years, it has been used since ancient times to enlarge the penis of men.

Jelqing involves you using one of your hands and placing it on the tip of your penis and rubbing gently back and forth with just enough tension to expand the cell tissues and muscles in your penis. What this will do is cause expansion of all the cells in your penis shaft so that when you are getting an erection and blood rushes into your penis shaft it will have much more room to occupy and thereby increase your penis size while erect.

In order to do this exercise effectively is important to warm up. Warming up consists of placing a hot towel on your penis in order to make blood flow as optimal as possible for when the exercise begins. It is important to keep a moisturizer close by and begin to apply it on your penis in order to reduce friction and possible injury from overuse. Next what you want to do is grab your thumb and index finger and make a circle with them and place that around the tip of your penis.

Now you want to move your index and thumb from the bottom of your penis all the way to the tip and hold it at the tip of the penis for 2 to 3 seconds at a time. This stretch causes just enough tension in your penis shaft in order to gently but effectively increase the cells in your shaft which expand the penis can cause more blood to rush during an erection creating a larger penis for you that the ladies will not be able to resist.