Massage & Massage Therapy: Don’t Deny Yourself

Massage therapy is one of those rare activities that it’s almost impossible to find anything negative to report on. Apart from some sensible suggestions about when to proceed with care (during pregnancy) and some precautionary measures when using oils etc. I can’t ever recall seeing a glaring headline giving massage therapy a negative review

But what about the side effects?

You might well ask. Obviously there are side effects, so promise me you’ll proceed with care. Side effect number one is a stress free relaxed state. Side effect number two is an enhanced clearer skin condition. Side effect number three is the relief of acute and chronic pain. Side effect number four is the psychological boost you get by looking and feeling great. The list is endless”?

You get the picture. The side effects go on and on and include everything from stress and tension reduction to better blood circulation and better digestion, and a thousand side effects in between.

Not forgetting the release of euphoria inducing endorphins and amino acids that also work as the body’s natural painkiller. All positive side effects.

But what about the negative side effects? As I said at the start, to my knowledge, there are none. Surely massage therapy can’t be all good news”? well, yes it can.

Believe it or not, the benefits of massage and massage therapy are endless and the only precautions you should take are the sensible precautions that you would take anyway.

Given the obvious benefits why isn’t massage therapy part of everyone’s daily routine? Probably because of a couple of popular misconceptions.

The first misconceptions are that you have to have a medical condition or a strain or an ache or you have to be referred by your doctor etc. The second misconception is that is a privilege or a preserve of the wealthy. Thankfully it is none of the above. Anyone and everyone can and should enjoy the benefits of massage and massage therapy simply because they can.

No excuse is needed to take care of YOU, the most important person in your life.

No other therapy produces such positive and potentially life changing results as massage and massage therapy. Results can be dramatic or subtle, visible or invisible, but they are always beneficial and they are always life changing.

Do yourself a huge favour and decide right now that massage and massage therapy are not the preserve of the wealthy and recognise that there is no earthly reason to deny yourself one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and beneficial activities available.

Start with the most empowering and rewarding massage of all, a facial. On the end of you arms are the most incredible tools ever created.

Your hands are a masterpiece of design and they’re an evolutionary triumph, use them. Your own hands have an intimate knowledge of the face that you display to the world.

Start with what you know and what you can reach, but just start, and watch out for those positive side effects.

To your continued, outstanding health.

Copyright (c) 2007 Sam Benton