Breast Reconstruction Can Be Part of Starting Over

Breast reconstruction is just one part of a woman’s journey in starting over after cancer. While receiving a diagnosis of cancer can seem like the end of the world, it can actually be a time of growth and a chance to start over in life. Many women experience some of their happiest times of life after they’ve gone through this transition to the next chapter of their life.

Hearing the Bad News

It may seem like a bad dream to initially hear that you have cancer. The world may suddenly look much different than before. Because this type of diagnosis has been associated with dying in the past, many women actually see their lives flash before their eyes. Things that seemed so important the day before may now seem trivial. A physical, emotional, and spiritual change may be about to occur. Fortunately, with today’s treatments, a long and healthy life is likely to follow.

Changes that Occur

Physically, a woman will have to go through treatment to knock out her cancer. This may include having a mastectomy, undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, and having a breast reconstruction performed. Afterward, a patient often takes better care of her body than ever before. She may start to exercise, eat right, and practice stress relieving activities such as meditation or deep breathing. Emotionally, a woman may feel devastated at first but eventually be strengthened by going through it. It’s at a time like this when a person realizes what true grit she actually has. In order to gain inner strength, many women return to their spiritual practices or learn new ones. Devastating times often lead to spiritual awakenings.

Reconstructive Techniques

There are several techniques surgeons use to perform breast reconstruction. Some are done right away and others are performed after eradication of the disease has occurred. Some methods involve the use of implants which are medical devices filled with saline or silicone solution. These are the same devices used in cosmetic procedures to provide fuller, larger bosoms. Other techniques use flaps of skin and fat from the woman’s own body, often from the abdominal region. An added benefit of having the flap method performed is that the size of the patient’s belly is reduced. In addition to having natural looking breasts created from surrounding tissue, a woman is left with a flatter, slimmer belly.

Getting cancer is no fun but after going through the process of healing and recovery, many women are healthier than ever before. They may take great care of their bodies by exercising, eating a healthy diet, and managing their stress through meditation or practicing relaxation breathing exercises. They may end up with increased emotional stamina after realizing what a deep pool of inner reserves they had all along. They may even have a spiritual awakening during the process. Having breast reconstruction performed can leave patients’ figures looking more attractive than before, with fuller bosoms and flatter bellies.