Basic Knowledge on What Surgeons Do

It is mesmerizing to people who are not in the medical field to see doctors saving lives every day. It is more amazing that the surgical field has grown to incorporate almost every part of your body. Sometimes you wonder how different these surgeries are and what the different surgeons do. Here is a short list of the common surgeries done, explaining briefly what each involves.

· Abdominal surgery

This is the type of surgery that mainly deals with the organs found in the abdomen. It involves organs on the breast and the thyroid gland. It is called general surgery.

· Brain surgery

Majority of the people are familiar with the term neurosurgery. This is the type of surgery that involves a major part of the body called the brain. It involves working on the different parts of the brain including the nerves and other blood vessels that supply the brain.

· Children’s surgery

This is what is known as pediatric surgery. These are surgeons who have specifically trained to treat and operate on children. They are usually well versed with the children’s anatomy and physiology and can therefore handle them better.

· Bone surgery

It is also known as orthopedic surgery. As you can guess, it mainly deals with treating bones. These are the people who cut off limbs in case of an accident or the limb has lost its function. They can also restore the functionality of a limb by carrying out bone grafts and other bony procedures.

· Beauty surgery

This is the surgery many people carry out to modify how they look. It is called cosmetic surgery and sometimes called plastic surgery. It involves changing some parts of the body to how the person wants to look live. It has many branches under it, which involve almost the whole body including the hair, where hair transplants can be made.

· Reproductive surgery

This is surgery that involves the reproductive system. In women it is widely known as gynecological surgery. It looks at the organs involved in reproduction e.g. the fallopian tubes, the uterus, cervix and even the vagina. It can also involves some procedures used as permanent methods of sterilization like vasectomy in men and tubal ligation or hysterectomy in women.

The surgical field is broad and all its branches cannot fit in this discussion. These are some of the common surgical procedures that are carried out. I hope this has shed some light on your curiosity. If you ever think of becoming a surgeon, these are some of the branches you may be interested in.