Guide – All You Need to Know About Marijuana Cloning

If you have been interested in growing marijuana plants but have not been sure where to begin, this guide will help you understand marijuana cloning. First, you should know that clones are the products of sexual reproduction. Unlike other plants, seeds from cannabis plants are random combinations of their parents’ traits.

This randomness contributes to the unique characteristics of each plant. With cloning, you can control and replicate genetic varieties to save money and time.

The process of cannabis cloning is relatively simple. Once you have chosen your parent plants, you must choose your clones. Cannabis clones taken from a flowering plant will look bushier and have rounded leaves. After a few weeks, they will grow normally. After that, you must revert the marijuana clones to a veg stage for two to three weeks.

The cloning process is risk-free, but you should know that clones have a low survival rate, so you should be careful when choosing the mother plants. Typically, 90% of the clones will not survive. One of the most difficult steps is selecting the mother plants for cloning. It is crucial to select the mother plant that will produce the best clones.

Once you have a good source, the next step is finding a place to purchase the clones. You can buy marijuana clones from a dispensary in your neighborhood, but these dispensaries usually acquire them from within their facilities. Third-party sources are also risky, so ask where the clones came from. A reputable seller will have a good supply of clones see post.

The clones that are the most attractive will be the most attractive to you. This is because the potency and aroma of marijuana seeds are largely derived from the aroma.

When choosing a marijuana clone, you should consider your growing goal and the desired phenotype. Once you have decided what you want, you can start preparing the clones. If you want to clone your plants, you will need to buy a cannabis cloning kit.

Once you have your marijuana clones, you should transplant them immediately after cloning. Ideally, the clones should be planted in soil or Rockwool.

However, if you want to make the process even more effective, you should consider growing a marijuana plant with several side branches. Using this technique can help you get a huge selection of strains to grow and cultivate.

Properly prepare cuttings for marijuana clones. You should dip the cuttings in rooting agent to prevent algae from growing on the cutting. Be careful not to use too much rooting agent, because it can cause knotted bases.

To avoid this problem, cut the clones half an inch long and place them in soil media. Once the clones have roots, they can be transplanted into soil.