Tips On Choosing The Best Haircut For The Shape Of Your Face

Many women love having their hair cut and styled that they visit their favorite salon more than once a month. Others, however, usually cringe at the thought of going to a hair salon that they would only step in such a place twice or even once a year.

The simple reason why there are many women who abhor going to a salon is because they had one or more bad experiences with the haircut that they got. The hairstyle they got was so unflattering and worse, made their tresses very hard to manage and because of this experience, they are afraid of or hate going to a salon. They seldom go to see a professional hairdresser and they would even choose to trim or cut their hair on their own.

If you also had a bad haircut and now dread going to any salon, you just need to remember that when it comes to haircuts, not all styles will look good on you; the right, flattering hairstyle will depend largely on the shape of your face. As such, the reason why you may have had an unflattering haircut before is because the style is not the most ideal one suited for the shape of your face.

To know which hairstyle would be the best for the shape of your face, you need to know the different common shapes first. Below are the usual shapes of faces and the type of haircuts or styles best suited for each:

Round. A round face has wide cheekbones and it is as wide as it is long. If your face is round, your jaw line will also be round and full.

The best hairstyle for a woman with a round face is long, layered hair with layered bangs. Or graduated shag since this provides a slenderizing shape to the face.

Heart-shaped. A heart-shaped face is wide at the forehead, full at the cheekbones and narrow at the chin.

A haircut that flatters the cheekbones without hiding the chin would be the best for a person with a heart-shaped face. You can have your hairdresser give you chin-length bob with tapered ends.

Diamond. A diamond face is slightly longer than it is wide; the chin is pointy and high-set cheekbones are the widest part on this type of shape.

Anyone who has a diamond-shaped face should go for a haircut that will allow them to how off their great bone structure. Recommended haircuts include the full, classic bob or a flipped-out layered cut.

Oval. An oval-shaped face is widest at the cheekbones and has a tapered narrow jaw line.

If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky: almost all hairstyles will look great on you.